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Q: Can I choose the vehicle repairer of my choice?

A: If the accident was your fault, the answer is usually NO!
Most Insurers insist on you obtaining 2 quotes, one from a “Preferred Repairer” of their choosing.

Q: What makes Accident Solutions different from other Repairers?

A: We believe in repairing to a standard, not to a price. We are an Independent Group of like-minded repairers working towards a common goal to repair cars to an optimum standard.

Q: What do I need to do if I am not at fault?

A: As long as you can identify, the at fault party and their Insurance Company, Accident Solutions can take care of the rest. We will obtain the claim number,contact their Insurer, confirm liability, and process the claim; just as long as they have an Insurance policy to Indemnify them in the event of a Motor Vehicle Accident

Q: What do I do If they are not Insured?
A: If the at fault party is not insured, and it appears they are not in a position to pay for your repairs, one of the options is to make a claim from your own policy, through your own Insurer.

Q: What do I do if I am not at fault, and I have the details of the other driver, their Insurance Details, and a Claim number.

A: Call the Accident Solutions Freecall number 1300 725 788. We will assist you with filling in our claim form, organising a damage assessment and arranging you a Hire Car (as long as you can provide written justification for a replacement vehicle), repair your vehicle to an optimum condition, and have you back on the road in your own vehicle.

Q: Is it my responsibility to chase the at fault party’s Insurer for all the costs involved?

A: Absolutely not. We will take care of the payment process. Assuming you give us Authority to Act on your Behalf, we will obtain payment for the cost of repairs, assessment fee, and the cost of a hire car, towing, etc.

Q: What if you can’t obtain payment?

A: If we are unable to obtain payment, within a reasonable timeframe, we usually make contact to resolve the matter amicably. Failing this, we instruct our Legal Department to take Legal Action.