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Accident Solutions puts the customer first

Meet Jerry Altun, the man behind Accident Solutions. Jerry’s experience and personal vision is the driving
force of the group. He founded Accident Solutions to give the consumer freedom of choice and
guaranteed quality of repairs

“Jerry Altun - Founder of Accident Solutions”

Taking On The BIg Vehicle Insurers

Jerry sought out other industry professionals who shared his vision and commitment to delivering a new level of service. This “strength in numbers” is successfully employed to counter the “divide and conquer” strategy used by insurance companies to control the automotive repair industry for many decades.

Quality Accident Repairs

Jerry says, “Our repairs are about quality, safety and the reinstatement of your vehicle to manufacturers standard.”

25 Years in The Motor Body Repair Industry

As Managing Director, Jerry brings to Accident Solutions more than 25 years of professional experience in all areas of the motor body repair industry. Jerry has extensively researched all the insurance and legal processes involved in vehicle repairs and has a Diploma in Insurance Law. He actively maintains an extensive network of contacts in this specialised area of law.

Committed to Vehicle Safety
Jerry also has broad experience dealing with accident repairs as owner and manager of an automotive engineering business. He gained expertise in the structural safety of vehicle repairs and this underpins his unswerving commitment to the safety of repaired vehicles. He is passionate about restoring damaged vehicles to a standard as close as possible to that of new vehicles.

How are we different from other repairers?

  • We repair cars to the manufacturers original specifications.
  • We consider that the car is owned by the client, not by the insurer.
  • We do not cave in to pressure from insurance companies.