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We're Looking for New Members.

Are you unhappy about being tied to over-bearing insurance companies? Want to be rewarded for your skills and be paid what youíre worth, rather than an hourly rate? Then you should consider joining.

If you value honest work practices and enjoy restoring vehicles to their original safety standards, you should definitely join.

Take Control of Your Own Business.

Donít put up with insurance companies telling you which parts to use or how much to charge. You should be running your own business, not being run by them!

Why not Become a Member Today?

Take charge of your business with Accident Solutions Membership! We are an independent organisation who believe in integrity and honesty. All of our members subscribe to our code of conduct and professional standards. They all believe in a win/win arrangement for themselves and their customers. And they donít want insurance companies to dictate work conditions any longer.

Be true to yourself and your business by joining Accident Solutions.
Call 1300 725 788, or fill in the form below and we will contact you immediately.